2015 Short Listed Resolutions

The NFWI Resolution Shortlist Selection meeting was held earlier this month, and the following seven short listed resolutions were decided upon for 2015:

The next 100 years
As we mark 100 years of the WI, we deplore the unacceptable level of gender discrimination that still exists. We call decision makers to remove barriers preventing today’s women and future generations reaching their full potential.

Plant a tree for the future
The NFWI urges Her Majesty’s government to start a continuous national broadleaf tree planting programme to replace vital woodlands lost in previous decades. WIs in consultation with their local councils and community groups will be asked to plant trees in celebration of their centenary and to benefit future generations.

Public access defibrillators
There is an urgent need to widen public access to defibrillators to significantly increase the survival rate following a cardiac arrest. This meeting urges WI members to work with their communities to install public access defibrillators.

Failing to care – assessment of need in long-term care
This meeting calls on HM government to remove the distinction between nursing care and personal care in the assessment of the needs of individuals, in order to advance health and wellbeing.

Cutting back on food waste
Everybody loses when good food is thrown away. We call on WI members to reduce their own food waste and all public and private sector organisations to do more to minimise food waste and protect our finite resources.

Ending FGM
This AM welcomes the progress that has been made towards ending Female Genital Mutilation. We call on political leaders and the UK public to maintain momentum behind all efforts to eradicate this abuse of human and child rights.

To curb the use of antibiotics
In view of the problem of increased microbial resistance to antibiotics, this meeting urges HM government to work with health professionals and the public to raise awareness of, and encourage the appropriate use of, antibiotics in human and animal healthcare.

All the short listed resolutions will be discussed in greater detail in the November issue of WI Life, so look out for your copy. Also in the November issue will be a selection slip for you to fill in and choose the resolution you favour to go forward.

In February 2015, we’ll find out which final resolution(s) have been selected, and we’ll then have the opportunity to have our own discussion at our Resolutions Meeting in May.

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