Let’s hear it for being ‘deeply subversive’!

Don’t forget to tune into BBC2 at 9:00pm on Monday night to watch Cake Bakers and Trouble Makers: Lucy Worsley’s 100 Years of the WI. (This might be a bit tricky for Crowlas & Ludgvan ladies as it’s our meeting night, but make sure you catch it on BBC iPlayer later on!)


The Radio Times says:

To mark the Women’s Institute’s centenary year, historian Lucy Worsley goes beyond the stereotypes of jam and Jerusalem to reveal the surprisingly radical side of this British institution. She reveals that the WI’s humble origins in an Anglesey garden shed in 1915 were no bar to the movement’s grand ambitions to be an organisation engaged in the fight for women’s rights. She explores some of the WI’s most important campaigns, including its 1918 crusade for decent housing and its remarkably radical fight for equal pay in 1943.


The article goes on to say:

“One hundred years old this September, the WI has managed to be both part of the establishment, and, at the same time, a deeply subversive organisation.

The WI’s long lineage as a radical campaigning body often gets overshadowed by its reputation for chutney-making and other such domestic activities.”

To back up her claims, Ms Worsley points to the motions passed at the WI’s annual general meeting, which she describes as ‘a potted history of what’s been on women’s minds from improvements in rural housing to education about venereal disease.’

Here’s a little preview of Monday evening’s programme:



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