WI Grease Monkeys!

Today a group of coverall-clad women from Crowlas & Ludgvan WI could be seen peering under car bonnets at Penwith College.


The group was welcomed by tutor Chris and his assistants Stewart and Tish. First they were taught how to measure tyre treads, and then learnt about legal limits and tyre pressures.


After learning how to open the car bonnet it was fluid levels: coolant, oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid and windscreen wiper fluid. Finally, the group was shown how to check and replace wiper blades.


They all shared a superb cake made by Val and kept their own fluid levels topped up with plenty of coffee.

The tutors were actually on half term but came in in their own time to share their knowledge! So a big thank you to Chris, Stewart and Tish!

We have been offered a second day to cover changing a wheel and replacing bulbs.

Chris is also a scuba diving teacher and has offered us an evening at Redruth School’s heated pool. Stay tuned for further details!

(Thanks to Gail for the words and photos.)

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