Trip to St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly

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The Scilly Isles are a consummate jewel in the crown of the British Isles, and the WI exchange trip provided us with not only a taste of the holiday makers view of the islands but an insight into the life of those who call Scillies their home. From the moment the WI members met us from the boat we were all looked after extremely well. Whilst we were there our trips out included, the recently added attraction of the Camera Obscurer: a chance for a birds eye view of St Mary’s and update on local gossip. A visit to St Agnes was wonderful despite the “missile” and I think Ruby, Jane Twose’s dog enjoyed this especially. The Museum gave us a flavour of the history of the islands, their people  and its fauna and flora. We were wined and dined not only at our hosts homes but at a couple of the local restaurants which gave us an opportunity to meet more of the Scilly Isles WI members who joined us for the meals out and our activities. A real  highlight was the WI meeting and the speaker Will Wagstaff, All of the WI members were welcoming and the meeting was a very social event. Will’s talk detailed his work from the Scillies to Antarctica and was accompanied by an excellent slideshow of the birds, sea creatures and landscapes of these places.
We left all agreeing that the purpose of this trip was to seal the relationship between us and our Scilly neighbours and a resolve to extend the hand of friendship to the Scilly Islands WI when every they venture to the main land. (Wendie)

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