Living Well

This month the group learnt a little more about a topic we all have a great deal of experience of: our urinary systems and what can go amiss, from the merely inconvenient to the serious.

We started by looking at the anatomy of our “waterworks” system and finding out that it played a bigger role in keeping our bodies running smoothly than simply removing waste products. It also releases hormones that control blood pressure and red cell production, as well as calcium and phosphorus, essential for bone health.

Did you know?

All the blood in our body is filtered 400 times a day!

The kidneys can clean more than one million gallons of water in an average human lifetime – enough to fill a small lake.

If one kidney has to be removed, in two months the other will have increased in size by 50% in order to take over the whole work of filtration.

“Oh what a piece of work is Man” and Woman!

We then talked about what can go wrong, focusing mainly on cystitis and incontinence and shared “hints and tips”; self help measures for coping with a common problem.

As usual our talk was followed by a gentle exercise session and the welcome wind-down of relaxation. Partly as an offshoot of Living Well, Amblers is taking to the road again. This month we walked to the top of Rosewall Hill and enjoyed the glorious (really, it is the only word) 360 degree panorama from the top. Next month we will be walking in Tehidy Woods, when the bluebells should be in full flower. Why not join us? Everyone is welcome.

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