Book Club – Murder on Mustique

Our book Murder on Mustique was recommended by a member of another WI who thoroughly enjoyed it.  Some of our members found it a pleasant read whilst others were not very keen.  Anne Glenconner is a relatively new author – her first book was her autobiography, which some of our members had read and preferred to the book we were reading.

The story is based around the island of Mustique in the Caribbean (in fact this island was bought by the author and her husband the late Colin Tennant and developed into a paradise island for the rich and famous).

Storm Cristabel is about to descend on the island so most of the villa owners have disappeared back to their homes.  There are still a handful of thrill seekers staying on the island and one of those is Amanda Fortini who went bathing one morning never to return.  Lily, the god daughter of Lord and Lady Blake (the people who developed the island) lived on the island and was very upset by the disappearance of her friend Amanda. There was only one policeman Nile Soloman on the island and he contacted Lady Blake (Vee to her friends ) who flew back straight away before the storm arrived. Vee had a friend a Philip Everard (a handsome young film actor in his day but now past the best of his looks) who had a villa on the island and had stayed despite the storm warning.   A large speed boat had arrived recently in the bay with two men on board – these men were often dashing around the bay on jet skis.  Nile tried to get a warrant to search the boat but his superior on the island of St. Vincent kept turning him down.

Vee threw herself into organising a special coming of age birthday party for Lily but when another person disappeared she decided to investigate matters for herself.     Whilst the birthday party was in full swing on the beach Vee was captured and taken out to the boat.  The sea was tumultuous but Nile and Lily worried as they could not find Vee and fearing she had been taken out to the boat, went out in their respective boats to the speed boat.  Despite the big waves Nile manages to clamber abroad the boat.   In the meantime Vee has been locked in a cabin but has the forethought to find a ‘weapon’ which she uses when someone comes back to the cabin and she locks him in.  She explores the other cabins and finds evidence which relates to Philip.   In the meantime Nile after being given specific information, dives to the bottom of the sea and finds bodies wrapped in tarpaulin anchored to the shore. Apparently, Lily’s Mum (who was a marine conservationist working in and around Mustique to restore the coral) had disappeared many years ago.  Lily had followed in her Mum’s footsteps working with the marine life on the island.  Philip apparently had a grudge against the family due to being rebuked by Lily’s Mum.  After the necessary arrests all ended well with Nile and Lily walking off into the sunset. (Pat G)

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