Our Committee

President: Wendie Leo

 When not involved with WI activities and my caring responsibilities I spend time in my garden and as much time as I can out and about in our local area. I love the sea so get near to it or in it, when it’s not too cold, as often as possible (WENDIE)

Secretary: Jackie Gotch

Treasurer:  Sue Thomas

Committee Members:

Jan Bone

Di Curnow

Sally Dewdney

Karen Turff

Rosemary Western

Julie Blewett

Committee Roles:

Vice Presidents: Sue Thomas, Jan Bone

New Members Co-Ordinators: Sally Dewdney, Rosie Western

Member’s Secretary: Sally Dewdney

Speakers and Events Co-ordinators: Julie Blewett, Rosie Western

Record Keeper: Di Curnow

Staying Connected Co-ordinator: Wendie Leo, Di Curnow

Subgroup Co-ordinator: Karen Turff

Social Media Co-ordinator: Jan Bone

To contact members of the committee please email us on: committee.crowlasludgvanwi@gmail.com

Other Activities:

Amblers (Our gentle strollers) Third Tuesday of the month: Kathleen Merrett

Board Games for All: Murley Hall: Third Saturday of the month: Jenny Birchall

Book Club : Last Friday of the month: Pat Gloyn

Camera Club: Second Friday of the month: Helen Kestle

Craft Workshops (A wide variety of crafts and activities): Val Puddiphatt

Coffee Beans (Coffee morning group) Third Friday of the month: Hazel Brown

Living Well: Second Wednesday of the month: Kathy Merrett

Meet and Eat: First Wednesday or Friday of the month: Karen Turff

Walking Group: Third Wednesday of the month: Shirley Battle