News from the AGM

Lis Davies, our delegate to the NFWI Annual General Meeting held in Cardiff on Saturday, reports that the High Streets resolution passed with an 87% majority.

If you’ll recall, the resolution reads:

The NFWI notes with concern the continuing decline of our high streets and the damaging effect this has on local communities. We call on every member of the WI to support their local shops and make the high street their destination of choice for goods and services. We call on decision-makers to work collectively, at all levels, to help bring an end to the decline of our high streets and to ensure that high streets flourish and provide a focal point for local communities.

New NFWI Chair,
Janice Langley

Yesterday, NFWI Chair Ruth Bond stepped down after four years in the role. Our new chair is Janice Langley who has served as an NFWI Trustee since 2002, and most recently has served as NFWI Vice-Chair and Chair of the Membership Committee.

Speaking about the resolution, Janice said:

“This resolution has strong support from across our membership.  It’s clear to WI members that the value of our high streets and town centres is much deeper than their economic value alone.  It is not about turning back the tide, boycotting the internet and abandoning every other shopping channel, rather it is asking them to support local businesses and to think about what is on offer in their local community, and the difference their custom could make to local business survival, before turning to out-of-town shopping centres and online retailers.

“Local high streets are the heart of communities and we want to use this resolution as an opportunity to take a fresh look at what we can all do to help them adapt to meet the needs of communities and ensure they are fit for purpose in a rapidly changing world.”

Lis will make a brief presentation about her AGM experiences at our next monthly meeting on the 17th.

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