Excess Baggage

groceries in a bagDo you always bring your own shopping bags when you go to the supermarket? Do you sometimes forget, even though you have the best of intentions?

The WI’s latest campaign is an attempt to reduce plastic bag use in England.

England’s plastic bag use is almost six times that of Wales, due to the 5p a bag charge introduced by the Welsh government in 2011. Northern Ireland and Scotland are following the lead set by Wales and are now also charging for single use plastic bags.

According to this month’s WI Life:

Plastic bags can remain in the environment for hundreds of years. In the Pacific, an area one and a half times the size of Europe is covered by a ‘soup’ of plastic debris. Unable to biodegrade, the plastic simply floats with the currents. Many birds and other marine life mistake it for food, even feeding it to their young, and die from the effects. On land, plastic bags pollute waterways, block drains and cause flooding, as well as posing risks to animals and livestock.

With so many gorgeous re-usable bags available at the moment, there’s no reason to keep using plastic.

Why not stop by our stall at the Penzance Farmers’ Market on Friday 4 October. We always have lovely handmade shopping bags for sale! You’ll be supporting Crowlas & Ludgvan WI as well as doing your part for the environment.

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