New Wave vs Old Wave?

There’s an excellent piece about the W.I. in the Huffington Post today. Click here to read it.

It’s mainly about new W.I.s, particularly the ‘new wave’ institutes which have been popping up recently and how they differ from more traditional institutes.

It all got me thinking – is there a difference? And I don’t think so. While it’s lovely to have new W.I.s around and especially lovely to know that younger women are interested in joining, I don’t think what we do is really any different from what they do.

Our Crowlas & Ludgvan ladies are certainly not members of the ‘blue rinse’ brigade and neither are any of the other local W.I. members we know!

Like the new Gloucester Road W.I. in Bristol, we have  a lot of activities outside of our monthly meeting.  Like the Burton Belles, we use social media to keep in touch and get our message out. Like Manchester W.I., our members are an eclectic mix of ages and backgrounds. And like Buns and Roses, we’re interested in everything from crafts to resolutions.

So hats off to Crowlas & Ludgvan! A perfect balance of new and old wave!

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