Royal Cornwall competition – “A very attractive entry”

For those of you who didn’t know, a small team of Crowlas & Ludgvan WI members has been hard at work for the past month or so working on our entry for the Royal Cornwall competition.

our exhibit

The theme this year was ‘A Parish Walk’, and Wendy Allen, Shirley Battle, Di Curnow, Helen Kestle, Val Puddiphatt and Jane Twose made up our team.

The four elements of the exhibit were cookery (an item of Cornish fayre to sustain you on your walk), a craft item for your walk, a photograph of a gate along your walk and a floral arrangement to depict a cottage garden.

Shirley looks a bit concerned as she stages our entry on the Wednesday before the Show opens.
Shirley looks a bit concerned as she stages our entry on the Wednesday before the Show opens.

Jane made us a fabulous Cornish seafood pasty, with a delicious filling of crab, monkfish, prawns and saffron. Wendy took a beautiful photo of a gate. Shirley came through as always with a lovely floral display. And, finally, our craft item was a little ‘Field Notes’ notebook for a walker to jot down details about plants he or she found on the walk – Helen and Jane made handmade paper (with instruction from Gail Allen), Di embroidered a stunning flowery cover for the notebook and Val filled it with spectacular watercolours of flowers and plants.

The best part of our exhibit (we thought) was our staging. At the centre of the exhibit was a mini stile on which we placed the pasty and the notebook. The base of the display was covered with broken bits of slate with scattered moss, bark and pinecones. It all looked so beautiful!

St Breward WI came second.
St Breward WI came second.

In the end, we came fifth out of 29 entries which we were very pleased with. It’s only our second time entering and we’re still learning the ropes! Our highest scores came for Interpretation, for which we were given 19/20 (“A lovely interesting idea well displayed”); Staging, for which we received 18/20 (“A very attractive entry. The stile is the right proportion.”); and Shirley’s flower arrangement which also received 18/20 (“Creative and imaginative. Delicate colour harmony. Really charming.”)

There were some really wonderful entries this year so we were all delighted to have done as well as we did.

A ginormous thank you goes out to the entire team, as well as Gail Allen, Ted Battle and the incredible John Curnow who built our stile and without whom we’d have been sunk!

And finally, a photo of some of our tireless members after finishing their stint serving tea in the WI marquee at the Show on Friday:

Julie Blewett, Val Puddiphatt and Wendy Allen
Julie Blewett, Val Puddiphatt and Wendy Allen

Gill Gowland and Colleen Lewis also volunteered and served teas on Saturday.

Thank you to everyone who helped both with the competition entry and with the teas!


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