Upcoming St Hilary Church visit

St Hilary Church
St Hilary Church

Later this month, we have an outing to the lovely St Hilary Church and the adjacent Heritage Centre. For anyone who hasn’t been to the church before, you’ll be amazed at the gorgeous 1920s Newlyn School paintings there.

The church was transformed during Rev. Walke’s time at St Hilary, due in part to his wife Annie who was an artist in Newlyn and whose friends were commissioned to help decorate the church. It’s an extraordinary story!

Penzance-Literary-Festival-2013_largeIt occurred to us that, after our visit, you might be interested in hearing more about Bernard Walke. On Thursday 17 July, there will be a talk about him as part of this year’s Penzance LitFest! Speaker Lesley Michell was instrumental in setting up the St Hilary Heritage Centre and will be talking about Walke’s fascinating life.

If you’d like to come along on the St Hilary Church visit scheduled for 20 June, please contact Kathy Merrett on 757107 or by email on kathleenmerrett@btinternet.com.

To book tickets for the Penzance LitFest, click here.

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