Craftiness on the Moodle

Heart-4I wonder if you all know how many wonderful crafty resources are available on the WI Moodle!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Moodle, let me explain. It stands for Modular Object Orientated Dynamic Learning Environment. That’s quite a mouthful and doesn’t really do the Moodle justice. Really it’s an area of the NFWI website which is restricted to WI members and which enables you to view information, download documents, communicate with other members and learn new skills.


As well as committee training information, the Moodle contains a wealth of information about everything to do with the WI. But I want to talk about crafts here.

There’s a blog written by NFWI’s Craft Adviser and which is full of crafty news. There’s a calendar of craft shows and exhibitions around the country. There’s also a forum where you can chat with other WI members and exchange projects, patterns, etc. Some people are even offering items for sale!

The best bit, however, is the list of projects available. Some are simple, some intermediate and some require more skill – so there’s something for everyone! The projects range from knitted items, like these lovely bunnies:


… to beautiful fabric-covered lampshades like these:


There are instructions for creating birthday cards, making a crochet hat, upcycling old clothing, making a cake topper for Valentine’s Day and beading a necklace.

To access the Moodle, you will need a password. This ensures that it’s a ‘safe’ area and is only for us, the WI members. To get a password, drop Helen a line on and she’ll request one for you. You’ll have it in 24 hours and will be on your way to crafty fun in no time!

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