Speak Up for the Love of …

For the love of bees, strawberries, cheese, bluebells and hedgehogs. For the local park and England’s beautiful seasons. For the food on our plates and the tea in our mugs. For the love of all the things that matter most, we’re taking climate change seriously.


Tomorrow has been designated a day of action and celebration by the Climate Coalition as we Speak Up For The Love Of all we hold dear. People from all across the country will be coming together in our thousands to ask MPs to commit to strong action on climate change to protect all the things we love. It’s our first opportunity after the General Election to tell our newly elected representatives what matters to us in this crucial year for climate action.

The Women’s Institute is a founding member of the Climate Coalition, and WIs from all over the UK have been getting involved.

Many have been making bunting displaying all the things we love which will be affected by climate change:

bunting bunting2

… and others will be going to London tomorrow to lobby their MPs.

You can read about one WI member’s reasons for participating here.

Don’t worry if you won’t be there. There’s lots we can all do at home to help fight climate change:

  • Improve the energy efficiency of your home: remove draughts with draft excluders, insulate the loft, hang heavy curtains over doors and windows to keep heat in, and only heat the house when you need to.
  • Reduce food miles: buy local at local farmers markets, use local veg box schemes, and grow the things you like that are a bit pricey; eat seasonally if buying in the supermarket.
  • Reduce water usage/waste and the harmful chemicals you put in it: use eco-friendly detergents for washing clothes, dishes and home, and re-use your washing up water for the garden. Use rainwater to water the garden – this reduces mains consumption and is better for the plants as rainwater is chlorine-free. Having quick showers reduces water and heat needed – win/win.
  • Promote sustainable transport: use public transport for longer journeys if you can and if you’re travelling alone; walk rather than drive to the shop/into town to meet friends; cycle if possible; share lifts if you can.
  • Reduce waste/trash: compost what I can’t eat and try not to waste food; re-usebottles/jars for home-made things and recycle anything else. Try to avoid buying anything wrapped in polystyrene or other non-recyclable packaging.




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