A Fabulous Screen-Printing Day

Last Tuesday, a group of our members spent a day creating some wonderful screen-printed designs at Kiwi Printing Studios in Camborne.

Dena O’Brien of Kiwi was absolutely lovely (as well as patient!) and helped us all along the way. 


We began by drawing a design, and then cutting it into a stencil. Our designs included everything from sheep to wine bottles to Rennie Mackintosh-inspired graphics. We worked painstakingly at our drawing and cutting, and it took us most of the morning!


After a fortifying lunch break in the sun overlooking the fields at Dena’s beautiful studio, we were ready to tackle the rest of the job in the afternoon.


First, we mixed up paint colours to get the shade of our choice.


And then came the fun part – the actual printing! Using great force, we pulled squeegees along our screens, forcing the paint through and onto our design.


The moment of truth came when we lifted our screens to reveal our prints underneath!


In the end, we all wound up with gorgeous bags and prints and everyone was smiling!


Thank you to Dena for her great tuition and to Val for organising the day (and bringing cake!).

Click here to see more photos of our workshop.

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