Christmas shopping in Exeter!

(Gail’s report on the shopping trip to Exeter)

Yesterday’s ‘not-just-Christmas-shopping’ trip to Exeter was a great day out.


We had an easy trip up and arrived earlier than expected. The weather was extremely kind to us and in between shopping we were able to sit around the cathedral green and do some people-watching.

Look at all those full shopping bags!
Look at all those full shopping bags!

The Christmas market was as enticing as ever, with the cooking smells of a world of foods wafting in the air.


Even if you aren’t a keen shopper, you’d enjoy Exeter. The city is steeped in history and you can discover all sorts of interesting buildings.

We were able to meet up with former member Maureen Fordham who was on good form and who sends her best wishes to all the Crowlas & Ludgvan members.


A good day was had by all!

(Thanks for the photos as well, Gail!)

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