Christmas Doings

We’ve all been having a very jolly Christmas season – so jolly that there hasn’t been much time to update this site!

First was our wonderful annual Christmas meal out. This year we were at the Godolphin Arms in Marazion and it was absolutely fantastic! The food was perfect, the staff was friendly and warm and the whole atmosphere was as festive as we could ever have hoped for.

Most of us were all too busy enjoying ourselves to remember to take any pictures, but Ruth did snap this lovely one of Ali, Ann and Karen. How many bottles did you get through, ladies?


Next was Shirley’s fabulous wreath-making workshop in the Murley Hall. As always, some beautiful masterpieces were created and I’m sure there are a lot of front doors being admired in Crowlas and Ludgvan this season!

Last, but certainly, not least, was a celebratory Christmas afteroon at Julia’s house. As well as the obligatory mulled wine and mince pies, there were also sausage rolls and some delicious spiced cider. Friends and family came along and everyone had a jolly time.

Jane admires Julia's Christmas tree
Jane admires Julia’s Christmas tree

Thank you so much to Kathy for organising our meal at the Godolphin, Shirley for her patience in teaching us how to make Christmas wreaths and Julia for welcoming us all into her lovely home.

Happy Christmas to everyone!

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