A visit to Poppy Treffry’s workshop

Two weeks ago, a group of us visited the Bolitho Business Park to visit Poppy Treffry’s workshop, where her quirky, hand-made textiles are created.

Everything that Poppy sells in her shop in St Ives, as well as to her wholesale customers who include Fortnum and Mason, Liberty’s and Betty’s Tearooms in Harrogate, is made here in the UK; the majority of items are manufactured by her team right here in West Cornwall.


We had such a warm welcome at the workshop; Poppy outlined the history of her company and showed us her fabric designs and some of her product range.

Liz, Freya (a former member of Crowlas & Ludgvan WI), Pixie and Sara were hard at work on their Singer Sewing machines – models familiar to us all from our childhoods. The overlocking machine and “Psycho” (the Seiko beast of a machine used for stitching leather) were demonstrated.


While we were there small, zipped bags and badges were being made. Seeing all the different pieces which had to be joined together really made me (a non-sewer) realise just how much work went into producing what appeared (to the uninformed eye) a simple item.


The sun shone, the doors to the workshop were wide open, the team were friendly, patient and informative as they answered our questions over tea and cake. It was altogether a lovely afternoon.

Thank you to Poppy and her team, not just for giving their time so generously, but for providing inspiration for personal craft projects – and gifts! I’m sure that in the coming months many of us will be making our way to her shop in St Ives to buy charming, original, well-made prezzies.

(Thank you to Kathy Merrett for the report and to Ruth Airey for the photos.)

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