An afternoon at Polgoon Vineyard

A group of us spent a delightful afternoon at Polgoon Vineyard today! We’re just so sorry that Kathy, our fabulous organiser who arranged the day so beautifully, wasn’t well and was unable to attend. You were missed, Kathy.

We met at the Polgoon Kitchen, the vineyard’s lovely outdoor café, for lunch. Fortified with crab sandwiches and delicious cheese, we then set off for a tour of the vineyard.


We were led by Jess, a friendly and knowledgeable ‘Polgooner’ who moved to Cornwall from Australia only about six months ago. She took us through Polgoon’s apple orchard, explaining that it had been planted after the vineyard suffered a disastrous few years with little or no grape harvest due to bad weather. The vineyard’s cider is now really popular!


From apples, we moved on to grapes and saw some of the vineyard’s thousands of vines – including Rondo and Pinot Noir grapes. Jess explained to us the different ways of pruning and training the vines for maximum yield. We also saw more vines in some of Polgoon’s polytunnels.


Harvesting will begin in late September and will take about a month. No extra hands are hired; all the Polgoon workers and families pitch in to help. It’s very much a family business.


We then visited the wine making facilities and saw the labeling process, as well as the huge stainless steel vats containing what must be GALLONS of wine. Jess explained the sparkling wine process to us which, at Polgoon, is done in the same way it’s done in Champagne.

After the tour, we returned to the café for a tasting of some of Polgoon’s products. We all took our tasting notes very seriously!


We tasted wine, sparkling wine and cider.


After a quick browse in the vineyard shop (which also sells other Cornish food, drink and gifts), we said our goodbyes and made our way home.

If you missed out on today’s get-together, you can tour Polgoon on your own anytime. Tours and tastings are held on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 2pm and cost £10 per person. But do try and go before the grapes are harvested!


For more photos of our afternoon at Polgoon, click here.


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