Our delicious October meeting!

Have you all had to loosen your belts after last night’s meeting? Sticky buns, bread and two kinds of scrumptious focaccia! Hope O’Neill was so very generous to us and we can’t thank her enough!

I apologise that I didn’t take any photos of the deliciousness last night, but then a photo could never have captured the wonderful smells emanating from the Murley Hall’s kitchen, could it? There were some leftover sticky buns, however, so here’s a photo of my breakfast the morning after:


In case you missed the meeting or didn’t manage to get a copy of Hope’s focaccia recipe, you can see it here.

And if, like me, you were fascinated by her easy ‘cheating’ method of kneading, she learned it from bread-maker Dan Lepard. Click here to see his basic white bread recipe.

We had a full house last night with visitors Ann, Gill, Sue, Jenny and Lucy. We hope to see them all again next month!

Thanks to all of you for turning up, buying the lovely things on our sales table and book table and signing up for all of our WI and County events. We couldn’t do it without you.

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