Our Competitions Cup

cupEver since Crowlas & Ludgvan WI has existed, we’ve awarded our Competitions Cup to the member with the most points in our monthly competition.

We thought it would be fun to share the names of all our winners over the years, many of which will be familiar to you:

2000 – Maureen Fordham
2001 – Maureen Fordham / Pat Gloyn
2002 – Pat Gloyn
2003 – Hilda Bolitho
2004 – Hilda Bolitho
2005 – Pam Smith
2006 – Dorothy Oliver
2007 – Jan Roddy
2008 – Valerie Thomas
2009 – Valerie Thomas
2010 – Valerie Thomas
2011 – Wendy Larkin
2012 – Helen Kestle
2013 – Helen Kestle
2014 – Sue Knights
2015 – Ruth Airey
2016 – ???

I wonder whose name will be the next to be engraved on the cup!?

The scoring system for our competitions is quite an elaborate one, but Shirley keeps on top of it every month. Something to keep in mind is that you get points just for entering, so do give it a go. Although there won’t be a competition in March at our Annual Meeting, we’ll be starting again in April with some new (and easy!) competition ideas for you!

2 thoughts on “Our Competitions Cup”

  1. We give our winning competition member a £10 token to spend at the Chemist here on Scilly and everyone who enters gets a point and if you don’t enter a 20p fine !! Pam Manning St Marys

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