Royal Cornwall Show 2017

Smiles from Gill and Colleen

Colleen’s report on tea duty at this year’s Royal Cornwall Show:  ‘The WI Tea Tent was on its usual jaunty slope – downhill to the urns or uphill to the teapots. The weather was very mixed so the tent was either empty in the sunshine or or full during the rain. In our break Gill and I visited the cattle pens, where some ‘big boy bulls’ seemed really pleased to see us, which was very flattering! All in all we had a good fun day, and actually managed to find our car this time, before night fell.

1 thought on “Royal Cornwall Show 2017”

  1. Great memories for Pam from Scilly who was taken to the Show on Thursday by your kind President. Loved the friendship on the tea stall and selling the hats, scarves & bags.Beautiful exhibits and arrangements. Memorable. Thank you x

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