October Walk

It was a misty start for our October walk from Castle Gate which afforded a wonderful view of St Michael’s Mount and Mount’s Bay.
From there we walked inland and around the quarry on wet, muddy bridleways to Castle-an-Dinas (an old iron age hill fort) and Roger’s Tower.  Unfortunately the mist became a little thicker but the views of coast, moorland, remote farms and farmland were still visible.
Our walk was mainly downhill from there to Gulval passing through wooded lanes, fields and farm tracks.
A surprise was  meeting a very friendly farmer whose crop was Christmas trees.  He pointed out the various species of fir trees, growth patterns, age etc.  Another surprise was spotting a little mouse and a fox.
We were all pleased to arrive at the “Coldstreamer” for a rest and drink.  As they say in Cornwall the walk had been quite a “stank”.
(Report by Shirley)

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