April Monthly Meeting

The April Monthly Meeting was held, once again, on Zoom. This meeting brought a talk by Richard Haycock, Waste and Recycling Support Officer for West Cornwall. The talk was full of fascinating facts, figures and diagrams on what goes into rubbish bins and what happens to the various types of rubbish that is produced. For example the average household produces 941 kg of waste and recycling per year and 35% of rubbish in the black bag is food waste! At the moment 41% of rubbish in Cornwall is recycled and Richard showed some interesting slides on what happens to the plastics and the other materials that get recycled and where they are transported. Rubbish which can’t be recycled is now taken to Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre where it is converted to electricity to power 21,000 homes. The resulting ash is used in road construction so nothing is wasted ! The talk finished with future initiatives including  changes that will soon be coming to refuse collections, including separate collection of food waste. It was, all in all, a fascinating talk which it is hoped will lead to a trip to see recycling in action when restrictions allow. For more information click below.

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