Green News from Julia

As we come to the end of the Great Big Green Week, The Eden Project is encouraging everyone to plant lots of seeds – especially wild flower seeds – and at the end of the month Homebase will be selling seeds at half price to those who want to get involved, so check their website.

Also, our Rector, Nigel, is running a short “green” course on caring for the environment: I will let you know about interesting things that come out of that. 

This year there was no Royal Cornwall Show, as you know. But we did have a wee Chy Noweth Show at WI HQ in Threemilestone and it was great to see some of you there. This year was our environment committee’s turn to run the prestigious WI’s RCS Cup Competition. Because of the cancellation, there was a lot of time and effort wasted on that. We ran a little competition at our own show- with a little response from just 3 competitors. The theme was all about paths to a sustainable future and the entries were great. You will have seen pics of the show on Facebook and there will be more on the competition in County news a bit later. The prize certificates will be awarded at the annual meeting next month at the Hall for Cornwall. It will be great to see the newly revamped HfC. We will have two stands up at the meeting; one for climate ambassadors and one for the environment committee, so do come and see us.

Looking ahead we have loads of plans for all sorts of different events focusing on the environment.  The planning times are so long that we need to start on a plan 9 months in advance – but I will keep you posted.

We are looking for two new members of our county environment committee. If you are interested in joining please let me know. (Julia Havard)

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