Bulb Planting In the Memorial Garden

The Garden of Peace, St Paul’s Amenity Garden was created when the land was given to Ludgvan Parish Council to establish a quiet and peaceful space for people to visit, to enjoy and to sit and happily reflect. A guiding star in the creation of this leisure area was the late Janet Honess who instigated the installation of the WI Bench in 2006 before the garden was officially opened, after years of careful planning, in 2008.
On what would have been Alison Latham’s birthday, a former President of Crowlas and Ludgvan WI, who died suddenly last year, Wendie Leo (current President) organised an afternoon of planting in remembrance of the work Alison had been so committed to for the WI, during her various terms of office for the organisation. The event also served as an afternoon for everyone to remember loved ones and friends who are no longer with us.
A rose tree in memory of Alison and bulbs, hundreds of them, donated by Varfell Farm during our recent visit there, plus honeysuckle and cyclamen were planted throughout the area.
Members spent a peaceful and calm afternoon in the garden, stopping work every now and again for refreshments. Lots of laughter and many shared happy memories made the work so easy and rewarding, with a delightful display expected in the spring.

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