New Sub-Group – Living Well

The purpose of the group is to share information and knowledge on a variety of health topics; in our first meeting we covered  “balance” as well as an introduction to Qi Jong. This is an NHS endorsed set of exercises based on T’ai Chi. The session closed with a brief relaxation exercise.

We recognize that, to a degree, our health and mobility are in our own hands; we want to live as independent a life as possible for as long as possible. However, don’t get the idea that this group is only for the older amongst us – we can all benefit from the support, encouragement and knowledge of the group members. While we cannot roll the clock back to our teens, research indicates that we can make our bodies ten years younger! Think for a moment what you could do ten years ago which may be a bit more difficult now. I think we all know changes we could make, but finding the motivation to carve out the time for a “self-focused” activity can be difficult; so much easier to do the next immediate thing. That’s where being part of a group can be so helpful.

Next month’s meeting  is “Immunity, Vitamin D and Other Supplements”. We hope to cover knees, our gut biomes, flexibility, sleep, time restricted eating, nutrition/portion control and mindfulness in the future. Of course, suggestions are welcome. If you can lead a session so much the better! Please see Kathy if you are interested in coming.

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