A Cream Tea with Book Club

We had anotherlovely Book Club meeting at the Queen’s last Friday.   We started with drinks, followed by the discussion on our book for the month ‘Ritz and Escoffier by Luke Barr’  then a cream tea or toasted tea cake – some of the members especially enjoyed reading how several beautiful hotels were set up by Ritz and Escoffier. Ritz was the front man with many of the ideas which made these hotels so outstanding in their service and accommodation, although Ritz’s wife had a lot of input creating this part of the venture.  Escoffier himself was an extraordinary chef and both men were left to their own devices by the backing family.  It was only over time that it came to light that they abused their positions in their dealings with suppliers etc. By the time Ritz and Escoffier were asked to leave the Ritz in London it had become a hotel of worldwide renown. They went on to create anoth Ritz, this one in Paris; hotels ultimately catered for the very rich, nouveau riche and royalty.  Apparently afternoon tea is £60 – but it does look delicious. The only downside of the book for some of the members was the lengthy account of the menus and my what food supplies were available to Escoffier during his time as the chef.

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