Newlyn Heritage Walk

Well we had such an interesting and eye opening guided tour by Jeanette Ratcliffe, an archaeologist, who set up her guided walking business last summer.  Such knowledge of the area, we could have spent longer listening and being shown different, off the beaten track, places in and around Newlyn.

She spoke of the Spanish raids, the copper work apprentices, the various bridges and a ford that use to be at the bottom of Jack Lane (Jack Ford), now a well -used bridge. She told us about the farmers routes to market in Penzance and the building of New Road. We learnt about the Rosebud and visited the garden named after the boat. Extending the land into the sea to build what we see and use today. The goings on in the Red Lion in its day. We heard about the slum clearance in the 1930s and how the war put a stop to it. Car parks in Newlyn are the result of the slum clearance.

Jeanette gave us a taster of what’s to come in Newlyn too. There is a plan to make use of the old ice works to make it into a museum with all amenities, watch this space….. (Julie) 

Duke Street prior to slum clearance

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