Christmas Meal 2012

Charlotte Robinson_Helen Kestle_Janet Honess_Pam Smith_Gill GowlandClare Sandry_Ann Tilly_Diana KelynackColleen Lewis_Lis DaviesHazel Brown_Hilary Elliff_Jane TwoseJane Twose_Lis DaviesJane Twose_Lis Davies_Sue KnightsJoy George_Pat GloynJoy George_Pat Gloyn_2Joy George_Val Puddiphatt_Shirley BattleJulia Havard_Dorothy OliverJulia Havard_Polly Little_Irene SolisLis DaviesLis Davies_2MiscellaneousPam Smith_Janet HonessPat Gloyn_Shirley BattleShirley Battle_Colleen LewisShirley Battle_Colleen Lewis_Pamela RoebuckSue Badcock_Mary VennSue Knights_Hilary ElliffVal Thomas_Janet HarrisonWendy LarkinWendy Larkin_2

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