Farmers’ Market

On Friday, we had a stall at the Penzance Farmers’ Market. The array of craft items we had on sale was truly amazing. You are all such talented ladies!


Foot traffic at the market was very light, unfortunately. Many of the regular vendors told us that things hadn’t picked up much since the market returned to St John’s Hall. We are sure they will, however, as the market is such a treasure!

In the end we made nearly £70 for Crowlas & Ludgvan WI, which is nothing to sneeze at. And we’ll be at Ludgvan Village Open Day this Sunday to try to add more to our coffers!


Thank you so much to all who made and donated items for the stall, as well as to those who staffed it during the morning. You’re all stars!


Crowlas & Ludgvan WI at the Farmers’ Market!

What a great day at the Farmers’ Market!

Muriel, Gill and Val behind our stall at the market
Muriel, Gill and Val behind our stall at the market

Thank you to all the sewers, bakers, painters and makers. We had a fantastic assortment of things to sell. And also a big thank you to everyone who gave their time to help staff our stall.

We wound up making over £70!

Find us at the Farmers’ Market this Friday!

farmers marketThis Friday, 4 October, we’ll have a stall at the Penzance Farmer’s Market at St John’s Hall.

If you have anything in the way of produce, baked goods or craft items you’d like to donate for us to sell, please drop it off at Gill’s by Thursday at the latest.

If you can’t donate anything, don’t worry! But please do stop by on Friday if you can and say hello!