“The Gagging Law”: Have Your Say!

Sorry this is so last-minute, but I thought you should all be aware of a Public Meeting to be held tomorrow (Friday) at 7:00pm at St John’s Hall in Penzance to discuss the proposed “Gagging Law” with Andrew George.

What does this have to do with WI, you ask? Potentially, a lot!

Although the law’s laudable intention is to prevent ‘big money’ from having undue influence on our political process, the implications go far beyond this.

The law is currently written in such a way that it will restrict the WI’s ability to pass resolutions and engage in campaigns, all of which – if the law passes – will now be included under the umbrella of activities considered to be “for election purposes.” As you know, although the WI has a long history of involvement in social issues, we do not get involved in party politics. The Gagging Law, however, fails to see that distinction.

It’s not just us, either. All charities and community organisations stand to be affected, from the National Trust to Christian Aid to the Royal British Legion to Friends of the Earth and The Countryside Alliance.

This is such an important issue so if you can spare the time, please try and get to St John’s Hall tomorrow. It’s all about numbers. Andrew George is opposed to the law as it is currently written, but he does need to know how much support he has in Cornwall. That’s where we come in.

If you can’t make it to the Public Meeting, please write a letter or send an email to your MP. The contact information for Andrew George is:

Andrew George, MP
Constituency Office
18 Mennaye Road
Penzance  TR18 4NB

Please see the Briefing Notes from NFWI which include wording for a sample letter.