Our cushions have been made!

Completed cushions for the seats at Murley Hall were flying off the production line at Flying Fingers yesterday! None of it would have been possible without some great teamwork as follows:

With thanks to Helen for the delicious cakes and cookies to accompany the cups of coffee necessary to keep us all going (after all, making cushions is thirsty work !); and to Lis Davies, Joy George, Pat Gloyn, Sue Knights, Diane Curnow and Mary Venn who all came armed with sewing machines and worked under the guidance of our master seamstress, Val Puddiphatt. Thanks also to Shirley Battle who was armed with a hot iron followed by some preparation pinning for the sewers, and finally to Alison Latham for some template work and for stuffing the foam into the beautifully completed cushion covers for all to see at the next monthly meeting.


Make sure you give big thanks to Val and her crew at our next meeting!

Cushion-makers hard at work

Lis Davies and her band of Flying Fingers ladies have been hard at work making cushions for the chairs in the Murley Hall.




(Excuse the gin bottle in the background of the photos. Lis tells me it’s vital to the process.)

Anyway, when the cushions are finished later this year, you’ll thank the ladies from the bottom of your … bottoms.

Our new noticeboard!

The next time we meet at the Murley Hall, you’ll all see our new noticeboard which, we hope, will be full of information, photos and more!

Di Curnow’s husband, the ever-patient John, put the board up for us today and it looks great.


Here’s Secretary Alison Latham already getting to work posting information from NFWI.


Although the board will be primarily for WI-related bits and pieces, there will usually be space for other items. So if you have a non-WI event you’re promoting or have a small classified notice you’d like to put up (buying or selling something), just ask a member of the committee for permission and, as long as there’s room, we’ll post it for you. Priority will be given to WI materials, however.