Centenary Baton Watch … Oxfordshire!

The ladies of Oxfordshire have had great fun celebrating with the centenary baton, as it crossed the county by boat, horse and cart, vintage MG and fire engine.

Glorious sunshine welcomed about 200 members of the Women’s Institute to Oxford by steamer boat from Abingdon.


Linda Needle, Treasurer of Steeple-Aston WI, and her husband Roger, transported the WI baton to Bicester Garden Centre in a 1934 van with baker’s livery. Along the way, they stopped at five WIs to collect homemade cakes to deliver to the garden centre.


Lulu Belcher, he oldest member of the Fritillary group, took the baton in a 1926 Bullnose Morris from Denman to her group’s venue in Horspath, where it was met by a fanfare of buglers.


The baton was also taken by dray horses to a pub lunch before a picnic in Broughton Castle.