Playing with parchment

Last Friday, Margaret Walton very patiently taught a group of us all about working with parchment.


We had never realised all the amazing things that can be created using just parchment, a few simple tools and some colouring pencils. Margaret showed us some of her spectacular work – including a spray of incredibly lifelike roses – and we were all very impressed. That was far too advanced for us, however, but we did manage to turn out some lovely pieces.



We first traced images onto the parchment using white pencils. Then we embossed our pattern, adding shading using special tools. Finally, we used coloured pencils, pastels or felt tip pens to add colour. Some of us made bookmarks, others mini Christmas crackers and others made cards, and we were all thrilled with our results!



Margaret was a fantastic teacher and got us all enthused about parchment! If there is sufficient demand, she’ll be happy to hold another workshop next year. So for those of you who missed out this time, you may get another chance! And I have a feeling some of us who were there on Thursday had so much fun that we wouldn’t mind a repeat session!

02 06

A big thank you goes out to Lis for organising and hosting the workshop (and for providing delicious cake), and a very special thank you to Margaret for her wonderful tutelage.