Quiz Success (almost)

I’m pleased to report that your Crowlas & Ludgvan quiz team did not embarrass you on Friday evening at the Connor Downs & Giwthian WI annual quiz.

We knew there was no chance of beating perennial champs Mount’s Bay WI, but we did manage to come second! That’s a step up from last year’s third. So next year, the third time will be a charm, right?!

quiz plaque

Well done to Pippa Lilley, Polly Little, Helen Kestle and friend Liz Woods who filled our fourth spot.

(We are now experts on snooker, assassinated American presidents and badgers’ anal glands, so feel free to come to us with any questions!)

Who fancies a quiz?

Would anyone like to go to Connor Downs & Gwithian WI’s annual quiz? We can enter a team of four, and so far it’s just Helen and Kathy. If you’d like to join them, please drop us an email on crowlasludgvanwi@gmail.com.

The quiz is on Friday 7 November at 7pm at Connor Downs WI Hall and is always a great night out. The cost to enter is £8 per team (or £2 a person if we can put together a team of four).

We fielded a team last year and came a more than respectable third. But let’s try to improve on it this year!