A Visit to the Monkey Sanctuary with Camelford WI

This year’s annual Twinning event with Camelford WI was hosted by them, and they gave us an absolutely wonderful day out to Wild Futures, the monkey sanctuary in Looe.


We arrived in the morning and all had coffee together (Camelford’s treat) in the Rainforest Cafe.

After that, our trusty guide Paul took us all over the sanctuary, telling us about the history of the place, as well as about the monkeys and their lives and habits.

We were all smitten with little Lily – a seven-month-old woolly monkey – and watching her clinging to mum Maya was a joy. However, Paul made sure that we understood that the sanctuary does not intentionally breed monkeys and that Lily was the result of contraceptive failure. The sanctuary doesn’t have room to take all the monkeys in need of a safe place as it is.


Paul explained the sanctuary’s efforts to campaign to change the pet trade laws which currently allow people to keep wild animals, such as monkeys, in their homes. People who keep monkeys as pets often hold them in cages, usually on their own, resulting in both physical and psychological damages to the monkeys.


In spite of some of the sad stories we heard, we all saw how happy and healthy the monkeys were in the sanctuary. It was great to know that they’ll live out their lives in such a good place.

After our tour, we had a delicious lunch, after which some of us sat in the sun eating ice cream while others walked down to see the gardens at the sanctuary.


On top of all that, it was lovely to spend time with our Camelford friends. Next year is our turn to host, and we have a tough act to follow!

Click here to see more photos of our day at the monkey sanctuary.


Twinning outing to Truro Cathedral

We had a fantastic day out on Friday to Truro Cathedral with our friends from Camelford WI.

After meeting for a chat over coffee and biscuits in the Cathedral café, we split off for some frantic retail therapy before lunch back at the café again. The conversation was full of laughs and we all had a great time – either reconnecting with old friends or making new ones.

Kate (Camelford) and Pat
Kate (Camelford) and Pat

After lunch some of us stayed in the Cathedral to listen to a recital by organist James Orford.

Following the recital, we were given a wonderful tour of the Cathedral. Our guide, Pam, told us all sorts of things we’d never known about the Cathedral. We explored the old St Mary’s Church south aisle (the ‘church within a church’); we learned about the two granite foundation stones laid when the Cathedral was being built, one still known as the Pillar of Faith; and we heard all about Bishop Benson, the Cathedral’s first bishop (and father of author E.F. Benson!).

Pam showing us the reredos
Pam showing us the reredos

Pam then led us down into the crypt where we were shown some of the Cathedral’s treasures. We saw some old photos of the Benson family, Bishop Benson’s death mask (!), a gorgeous silver chalice inlaid with jewels from rings and brooches from the parishioners of a London church, a piece of the Queen’s canopy from her 1953 coronation (at her request, a piece was given to every Cathedral in the country) and a bible belonging to Rowena Cade. We also examined some of the splendid robes that are stored in the crypt.

Hilda, Sue and Di examine some of the Cathedral's treasures
Hilda, Sue and Di examine some of the Cathedral’s treasures

From start to finish, it was a wonderful day and all the Camelford members had a great time. We’re told they have plans to take us to Bodmin Gaol next year!

A special thank you to Kathy Merrett for all her work in organising such a successful day.

Click here to see more pictures of our Truro Cathedral Twinning Day.

A Day Out to Healey’s Cyder Farm with Camelford WI

Today was our annual outing with our friends from Camelford W.I. This year, the Camelford ladies arranged for a day out to Healey’s Cyder Farm, and what a lovely day it was!

We had coffee to begin with, then were given a tour of the farm – the bottling room, the still, the cellar, etc., as well as the fascinating museum full of ancient cider making equipment. Our friend tour guide regaled us with stories of rats in cider … and, even worse than that, lead!


Following our tour, we had a tractor ride through the orchards where we all admired the beautiful trees in the sunshine.


A big thank you to all those at Camelford for hosting such a good day.

More photos may be seen here.

Camelford Twinning Trip to Caerhays Castle

We’ve all had a superb day.  We met up with the Camelford ladies at Caerhays Castle, and were met by our guides, Elizabeth and Robin, who showed us around the gorgeous home of the Williams family of Caerhays.

Lunch with lots of chatter followed!

After a short sharp shower of rain, the sun came out, and we all had lovely walks, some to the gardens, others to the beach, or to the Garden shop/Gift shop.

It was great to see Jo and ladies from Camelford. We are looking forward to meeting up again next year.

Many thanks to Robin our coach driver, those who organised the day and to all who came and made it a day to remember.