Pies, Puds and Aunt Sarah Anne

Last night was our annual Feast meeting and what a great time it was.


Julia and Janet raise their (empty?) glasses!

For those of you who were under the weather and missed it, we hope you’re feeling better.

We welcomed two new members as well as Advisor Liz Anderson, guests from Gulval W.I. and a few visiting friends.

Margaret, Liz Anderson and Colleen enjoy their evening.
A table of lovely smiling ladies.
Hilda Bolitho, Hilda Burnett, Rona, Di and Niamh enjoy their meals.

After a delicious meal of chicken or homity pie and peas, we were all tempted by a mouth-watering array of desserts.


The clean-up crew in the kitchen was working non-stop during the evening, and they deserve a big thank you!


Once we’d had our fill of trifle, cheesecake and treacle tart, we were treated to some Cornish stories and poems by the delightful Liz Harman. Liz read from her book Now ‘Ark to Me and regaled us with her hilarious version of a W.I. committee meeting, as well as tales of Aunt Sarah Jane trying to buy a blue bag in Penzance.

Liz Harman kept us all laughing with her Cornish tales and poems.

All in all, it was a fantastic evening. We can’t wait for next year’s Feast!

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