Our April monthly meeting

Our first meeting of the 2014-15 season got us all off to a great start. We had a nearly full house and also welcomed five lovely guests whom we all hope to see again soon.

Jane, guest Kate and Niamh
Jane, guest Kate and Niamh
Our new events table
Our new events table

We’ve now created a one-stop table for you to sign up for all of our events, outings and craft days, as well as for all CFWI events. This was a really busy spot last night! In addition, on the table were samples on display of the lovely buttons we’ll be making at this Friday’s button workshop, and some samples of our Rag Dolls’ fabulous rag rugging work.

We’ve also given a boost to our Sales Table and hope it’ll continue to thrive. Rona brought some delicious-looking homemade jam last night which went very quickly! If you’d like to sell anything from garden produce to baked goods to craft items to things you just no longer need, please bring them along. You’ll keep 90% of the money you make, with 10% going to Crowlas & Ludgvan WI funds. Please remember that you are responsible for pricing your items. If you have any questions about the Sales Table, please see Sue Badcock.

Val with guest speaker John Richards at the competitions table
Val with guest speaker John Richards at the competitions table

Our speaker last night, John Richards, regaled us with tales of his childhood and youth in old Penzance. Who would have thought Penzance was once home to 14 butcher shops, countless sweet shops and four cinemas?! John had us all giggling with his wonderful sense of humour – in particular a joke about a zebra who escaped from the zoo.

It was wonderful to see such a full Competition Table this month! Flower of the Month was won by Helen Kestle. Our other competition was to bring a photograph of Penzance, and some of the entries were fascinating. The winner was Margaret Walton, with Wendy Larkin second and Kathy Merrett third.

Lis, Julie and Mary
Lis, Julie and Mary

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