Some alpaca limericks

Our June competition brought out some real poetry talent! Here are the entries from last night, beginning with Pam Smith’s first-prize-winning limerick:

An alpaca called Lucy was shy
But she caught Lothario’s eye.
They now share a bed
In their warm winter shed,
And Lucy is no longer shy.

Second prize went to Helen Kestle:

An alpaca who lived in Peru
Said, “For a holiday, I think I am due.”
He settled on Beacon
And packed for the weekend
Before bidding his friends all adieu.

Sue Knights won third prize:

Is it a camel
4 legs
Not sure about a tail

Is it a goat
big eyes
big rabbit mouth

Is it a llama
big fluffy fringe
a huaccyp or a suris

It is a camelid
also known as alpaca

we all want one
we aren’t all able

But we can all cuddle up to fluffy
alpaca jumpers or bedding

Other entries came from Alison Latham and Kathy Merrett:

Some alpacas they came just a visitin’
The ladies of Crowlas and Ludgvan.
As they gave them a pat
They chewed and they spat
To show them just what they were eatin’.

An alpaca named Joe from Peru
Said, “I’m a camelid, not a gnu.
With my three-chamber’d tum
And a very neat bum,
Be gentle, so I don’t spit at you!”

Well done to all the creative ladies who entered!


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