An alpaca-less July meeting

Despite Nick Pascoe’s alpaca-transport problems and the resulting lack of furry visitors, we had a wonderful meeting last night.

Lis Davies and Mary Venn before last night's meeting,  making sure our banner cabinet is sparkly and clean.
Lis Davies and Mary Venn before last night’s meeting, making sure our banner cabinet is sparkly and clean.

We welcomed back old friends Sue Eames and Susan Lockhart, both who have been absent for far too long. It was lovely to see them both again. And we welcomed guests Rosemary Western (friend of Beth Marshall) and Liz Hosking (cousin of Sue Eames). It was great to have a full house!

We also had a third guest, Sheena Thomasson of Germoe & District WI, who came along to report on her trip to the NFWI Annual General Meeting in Leeds. She gave us a full run-down about the resolutions speakers and the debate that followed, as well as an entertaining insiders’ view of the rest of the meeting and the guest speakers. We thank Sheena for taking the time to come and talk to us as well as chatting with some of our members.

We then drew a name for this year’s bursary and I’m pleased to announce that Laraine Turner was the winner! We look forward to hearing how Laraine puts her £10o to use!

Nick Pascoe, of Treslothan Alpacas, then spoke. Although we were all disappointed that he hadn’t been able to bring any alpacas with him, he was thoroughly amusing and gave us so much information about his life as an alpaca-breeder, that in the end it didn’t really matter. We could have kept him there all night asking him questions about the lovely creatures. Of particular interest was the prevalence of TB among alpacas and the tragedy that can result from it, especially for Nick’s family which is understandably very attached to their herd.

Head-to-toe alpaca!
Head-to-toe alpaca!

Nick passed around some items made from alpaca wool which Alison Latham was kind enough to model for us.

Because no alpacas were able to come to Crowlas & Ludgvan WI, Crowlas & Ludgvan WI will be going to the alpacas! Nick has invited us to come and visit them in Camborne. Details to come. Watch this space!

Our June Flower of the Month winner was Shirley Battle with a spectacular rose, and Pam Smith won our alpaca limerick competition. You can read her hilarious entry (and all the others) here.

Next month’s meeting will be held on July 21st. Our guest speaker will be our own Alison Latham! Don’t miss it! July’s competitions are Flower of the Month and an American recipe.





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