Our September meeting

Tonight we were treated to a highly amusing and entertaining talk by Sarah Chapman, an obsessed knitter. Some of us had previously explored the Hayle estuary looking at birds with Sarah’s husband David, but most of us had no idea he had a hand in designing some rather risqué and very comical jumper patterns for Sarah!









In addition to the tank tops for David, Sarah has knitted some remarkable pieces using all sorts of unconventional materials including garden twine, tights, orange net bags, wire and torn up duvet covers.

We were all absolutely enthralled by the “surprise jacket” knitted by Sarah’s mother-in-law, Shirley, and some of our members think they may try tackling the project for themselves!

Sarah Chapman shows off the very complicated surprise jacket.
Sarah Chapman shows off the very complicated surprise jacket.

All of our Crowlas & Ludgvan knitters came out in full force tonight and the competition table was positively laden with spectacular entries. The winner was Charlotte for her adorable bunny. Rosemary came second and Mary was third.

What a lot of clever members we have!

Charlotte’s winning rabbit and Rosemary’s second prize bag.

Our Flower of the Month competition was no less popular with a dozen entries! That’s got to be a record. The winner was Sue Knights for her stunning dahlia.

Sue's winning dahlia
Sue’s winning dahlia

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