It’s Carnival Season!

As we gear up for Carnival Season and get ready to don our jam pots for the first time this weekend, we thought it might be fun to look at some carnivals from years gone by.

Wendy Allen has sent in this lovely photo of herself and her sister, both looking wonderful! (That’s Wendy on the right.)


Wendy says:

I lived in a small village called Brownsover in Rugby, Warwickshire sandwiched between the River Avon and the Oxford Canal. Brownsover was where the jet engine was conceived by Sir Frank Whittle. Like most villages we had a carnival each year but I cannot remember parading through the streets. There was only one main street and five more branching off it and we congregated in a field near the canal. My father made the headgear for my costume. We had two enormous cart horses, Captain and Colonel, in the field they looked magnificent in their finery. The main Rugby town carnival was fabulous in the early days and the magnificent floats seem to go on forever.

Helen Kestle also remembers dressing up and joining the parade on a float at the Blue Heron Fair in Barrhead, Albert, Canada. This particular year, the theme was The British Isles:

We represented our local Brownie Troop and I’m dressed in a very slapdash Welsh lady costume. I remember my mother made the hat from a Corn Flakes box! My friend Belinda (who was from Liverpool) is looking much smarter in a lovely Beefeater outfit. Scotland and Ireland are down the other end of the float, out of camera range.


Do you have any old carnival photos you’d like to share? If so, send them to us on

And keep your fingers crossed for a dry Sunday for Marazion Carnival!

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